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Simply stated, I provide my clients with employment law advice and counsel.

If you sense workplace problem and want to explore solutions, my  advice  is not to delay meeting with me.

The sooner you take advice, the more I  can do for you.

As a client,  you receive the benefit of my decades of experience as an employment law attorney.

I  provide practical advice with a personal approach, free of jargon, and with tangible results.

I limit my service to the performance of discrete tasks and the identification of practical solutions

In a Nutshell: Whether you are an employer or an employee;  if you are faced  with a troubling workplace problem  I can provide you with the advice and counsel you need.

     For Employers: I offer a range of services to provide you with fast, effective help with problems arising in the workplace. My focus is on helping you prevent future problems in the workplace.

    For Employees: I help you identify and understand your rights and options. I then work with you to deliver a positive and affordable outcome, with clear individual advice and support.

My fixed hourly rates and subscription program let you budget with confidence.

You are able to meet your objectives in an affordable way.

At a minimum, a free, initial consultation will increase your understanding of your legal situation and could save you a lot of future headaches.

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My services are limited to businesses located within or residents of Sonoma County, California.

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