Services for Employees

If you need help or have been badly treated,  I  will do everything I can to support you to a positive outcome.

Few people understand the true impact of experiencing problems at work.

Even fewer understand the stress which can result.

I offer a my clients, a unique service which not only looks to facilitate change and new beginnings in the workplace but also ensures that you throughout the process.

I have extensive experience working with public and private sector employees across a range of organizations at all levels of seniority.

I will work with you to achieve a positive outcome, providing you effective, practical and clear advice.

I keep you informed throughout the process.

I can provide advice and counseling on a variety of workplace issues including,  but not limited to,

• Bullying / harassment and incivility
• Discrimination and Retaliation
• Grievances
• Disciplinary actions
• Disability-Job Accommodations-“interactive process.”

My rates are affordable and made available to you on either a fixed fee or subscription basis.

We can meet over coffee for an initial, no cost, consultation.

Let’s explore what  I can do to help you with your workplace problem.

To schedule an appointment, go to the contact page.

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