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Good Tuesday morning.

JUNETEENTH:  What is Juneteenth? Glad you asked, from the New York Times, “So You Want to Learn About Juneteenth?” Comments?

HARD HIT: The group hardest hit by the Covid-19 economic slowdown; you might be surprised. From The Center for Public Integrity, “Even with positive job report, Latinas still hardest hit by the Covid-19 slowdown” Comments?

★ YOUNG ADULTS: Covid-19’s economic impact. From the Pew Research Center, “Hispanic women, immigrants, young adults, those with less education hit hardest by COVID-19 job losses” Comments?

BIAS PANDEMIC?: Ai and the upcoming bias pandemic? From Thrive Global, “COVID-19 Could Bring Bias in AI to Pandemic Level Crisis” Comments?

DINING OUT: Reopening your dining establishment to indoor eating? From Littler and JD Supra, “The Return of Dine-In Restaurants: What Restaurateurs Must Know Before Reopening in California amid COVID-19” Comments?

HOME ALONE: What about the children? From Politico, “Parents are ready to return to work, but where will their kids go?” Comments?

MASKS: Questions about face masks? From The Hill, “Fauci: why the public wasn’t told to wear masks when the coronavirus pandemic began: The infectious disease expert also discussed why they are necessary. “Comments?

STEPPING OUT: Going out? From the CDC, “Deciding to Go Out Venturing Out?: Be Prepared and Stay Safe” Comments?

REDUCE RISK: Looking for ideas on how to lower your risk of cancer? From The American Cancer Society “Guideline for Diet and Physical Activity for Cancer Prevention” Comments?

LITERACY: A long, but important, article, from National Affairs, on “The Erosion of Deep Literacy” Comments?

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