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Good Thursday morning.

TOP 1%:  A timely inquiry from NPR “Why America’s 1-Percenters Are Richer Than Europe’s” Comments?

JOB PERFORMANCE: Some tips from the Harvard Business Review on how to approach an underperforming employee, “How to Talk to an Employee Who Isn’t Meeting Their Goals” Comments?

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Value emotional intelligence? From Fast Company (Compass), “How to find an emotionally intelligent mentor”Comments?

ACTIVISM: Workers unite, from HR Executive, “What to make of the new employee activism” Comments?

CAUTION ADVISED: Office romance? If your a “boss” exercise caution. From, Bloomberg, “For Bosses, There’s No Such Thing as a Harmless Office Romance” Comments?

BLUES: Happy holidays? Nearly two-thirds of the people surveyed by the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) reported that holidays exacerbate their mental well being. From NAMI, “Beat Back The Holiday Blues” Comments?

JOBS FORECAST:  A view of the future of employment in the United States from the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Employment Projections — 2018-2028” Comments?

MODELS:  Are you or do you know a person in the modeling profession? If so, this article from Fast Company (Compass) may be of interest, “The modeling industry is filled with exploitation—this labor activist is fighting back” Comments?

ANNUAL REVIEW: The annual performance review. Some suggestions from Fast Company (Compass), “Three things you should never do in a performance review—and what to do instead” Comments?

GOOD BOOKS: Holiday shopping  for person who enjoys reading a good book? Before making a decision on that gift it might be good to consider, along with  BBC (Culture), “How reading has changed in the 2010s” Comments?

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