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Good Thursday morning.

AMERICAN VALUES 2019: A snap shot of America’s values from PRRI (Public Religion Research Institute), “Fractured Nation: Widening Partisan Polarization and Key Issues in 2020 Presidential Elections” Comments?

EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE: What values to you see as important in your life? Are you views similar to those of your friends and neighbors? How about between American and Europeans? From the Pew Research Center, “Where Americans and Europeans agree – and differ – in the values they see as important” Comments?

CRIME FACTS:  Fact Check: Crime in the United States, from the Pew Research Center, “5 facts about crime in the U.S.” Comments?

  ARBITRATION: California Employers: Do you require employees to send an arbitration agreement? Note this change, from JD Supra, “Employers No Longer Able to Require Arbitration Agreements As Condition of Employment” Comments?

EEOC RECISSIONS: EEOC announces the recession of a number of guidance memorandum, from the EEOC, “What You Should Know about the EEOC and Ensuring Clear and Accurate Guidance” Comments?

★ CANNABIS EMPLOYERS: California Employers: If you are engaged in the canabis industry you should be aware (from Lex Blog) that, “CA Cannabis Companies With 20+ Employees Must Certify They Have “Labor Peace” Comments?

NEURODIVERSITY:  Are you up on the latest developments in neurodiversity? From the BBC (Worklife 101), “Neurodiversity” Comments?

UNEQAL RACE: An unequal race, from the Center on Education and the Workforce, Georgetown University, “The Unequal Race for Good Jobs: How Whites Made Outsized Gains in Education and Good Jobs Compared to Blacks and Latinos” Comments?

THANK YOU:  Thank you letter after a job interview? What to say? From Forbes, “Mastering The Art Of The Follow-Up Email In The Job Interview Process” Comments?

★ LOOKING AT YOU: Do you know someone who is trying to decide which college or university to apply to for admission? The admission process may be starting earlier than they think.  From the Washington Post, “Student tracking, secret scores: How college admissions offices rank prospects before they apply” Comments?

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