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Good Thursday morning.

SPOOF: Don’t fall victim to the “email spoof.” From BBC (Technology) “Spoofing emails: The trickery costing businesses billions” Comments?

WHAT IS IT WORTH?: How valuable is information on your health? Would you be willing to sell it…for a price?  From Fast Company (Compass), “You can now make money selling your own health data, but should you?” Comments?

KNOW WHEN TO GO:A few signs that tell you when it might be time to “fold them.” From Forbes, “13 Signs Your Workplace Is Toxic Enough To Warrant Quitting” Comments?

MORE AB5: Another perspective on California’s AB5. From the Harvard Business Review, “What California’s New Gig Work Law Gets Wrong About Gig Work” Comments?

TRUTH: Writing your resume? Be honest. There are serious consequence if you lie and your lie is discovered. From U.S News and World Report, “Lying on Your Resume: Consider This Advice Before Embellishing Your Career”

NEEDY: How do you work with an employee who acts vulnerable and always shares his/her feeling while at work. Some suggestions from the Harvard Business Review, “4 Ways to Manage an Emotionally Needy Employee” Comments?

EEOC 2019:  HR professionals. EEOC statistics for 2019. From Lex Blog, “What A Long Strange Year It’s Been . . . The EEOC’s Fiscal Year Comes To An Uncharacteristically Quiet Close” Comments?

SCOTUS: SCOTUS and employment law, from Fisher Phillips, “Pendulum To Swing Back As SCOTUS Prepares For Exciting 2019-2020 Term” Comments?

CULTURE: Are you a member of a corporate board of directors? Your role in maintaining your company’s culture. From Gallup (Workplace), “The Board’s Role in Sustaining Company Culture” Comments?

BRAIN: Gendered brain? Take a few minutes to read the BBC (Future) article and then share your comments, “The myth of the gendered brain” Comments?

HEART ATTACKS: For your health, a potentially deadly consequence of bias.  From BBC (Health)”Inequalities in heart attack care ‘costing women’s lives'” Comments?

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