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Good Thursday morning.

DIVERSE POPULATION: A graphic view of the “wide spread” diversity of ethnic groups in America. From Brookings, “Six maps that reveal America’s expanding racial diversity” Comments?

TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF: “So, tell me about yourself”; the infamous interview question. How to respond? From Fast Company (Compass), “Why longer responses to “So, tell me about yourself” are better”Comments?

MINDFUL WORK: Mindfulness in the workplace? From Forbes, “How To Create A Mindful And Compassionate Workplace: The Story Of LinkedIn” Comments?

TRENDING BUSINESS: Millennial business trends to watch. From Fast Company (Compass), “Coffee, travel, and skincare are among 12 industries millennials are boosting” Comments?

CLOSING QUESTIONS: Preparing for an important job interview? Some suggestions from Forbes, “Creative Job Interview Ideas: Powerful Closing Strategies Top Performers Use” Comments?

GRADUARTE SEARCH: Looking for that first job after college/university graduation? From NPR, “How To Get A Job After College” Comments?

DO YOU BELIEVE?:Have you ever wondered (from BBC (future), “Why we believe fake news” Comments?

SUICIDE PREVENTION: Engaged the education of students K-12. The Model School Policy on Suicide Prevention from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention may be of interest to you and/or your administration, Comments?

CHOLINE?:Do you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet? From, Live Kindly, “How to get choline in a vegan diet” Comments?

★ CRITICAL ANALYSIS: Do vegetarian and vegan diets increase stroke risk? From PBN (Plant Based News), “Heart Attacks, Strokes, Vegetarians, Vegans and Headlines: A Few Comments” Comments?

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