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Good Tuesday morning.

Welcome to today’s selection of articles.

Bones: Text neck? Shrinking elbows? What? From the BBC (Future), “How modern life is transforming the human skeleton” Comments?

Burnout: A trending topic…“burnout.” From the BBC. “How to tell if you are close to burning out.” Comments?

Strangers: Reluctant to reach out and talk with someone you do not know? From the BBC, “Why talking to strangers could be good for you” Comments?

Leaves: Are you a California employer? If so, this article from Jackson|Lewis should be of interest to you, “Will They or Won’t They: A Look at Some Significant Proposed California Legislation Relating to Leaves, Disability, and Other Protected Time Off” Comments?

Stagnation: A long and worthwhile read for the ambitious among you, from the American Enterprise Institute, “Red, White, and Gray: Population Aging, Deaths of Despair, and the Institutional Stagnation of America” Comments?

Avoid Pitfalls: Looking for suggestions on how you might avoid the legal “pitfalls” within the workplace. From HR Executive, “Here’s How to Avoid Legal Pitfalls” Comments?

Pregnant At Work:  It is unfortunate that this still has to be a concern for many  female employees, from Glamour, “I’m Afraid to Tell My Male Bosses I’m Pregnant” Comments?

Career Advances: Looking for ideas on how to advance your career? Here’s six of them from Fast Company, “6 easy ways to fast-track your career” Comments?

Manufacturing: Interested in trends within the manufacturing workforce? If so, take the time read the Executive Summary, or for the more ambitious of you, the report from the Georgetown University, Center on Education and the Workforce, “Upskilling and Downsizing in American Manufacturing” Comments?

Ageism: Take a moment to think about your organization’s attitude towards older workers. Interested in staying ahead of your competitors?  Take a look into the past and future of ageism  from Forbes,  “The Distressing Story Of Age In The Workforce” Comments?

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