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★ Part 1 of a series on employment discrimination, from Public Integrity, “DESPITE LEGAL PROTECTIONS, MOST WORKERS WHO FACE DISCRIMINATION ARE ON THEIR OWN” Comments?
Workplace Discrimination

★ A reminder not to underestimate the impact that inequality has on our society, from the BBC, “UN rights chief Bachelet warns of threat from ‘gross inequality” Comments?

★ An interesting discussion on how HR can help reduce unethical behavior in the workplace, from HR Executive, “Here’s How to Reduce Unethical Behavior via Comp Plans”

★ Death of the resume? From HR Technologist, “The Resume is Dying: Here’s What the Future of Hiring Looks Like” Comments?
Resume RIP?

★ Summary of an interesting study conducted by LinkedIn on how gender helps explain how a person seeks employment. From Quartz at Work, “LinkedIn finds women are less likely to apply for jobs, and more likely to get them”
Gender & Job Search

★ An excellent reminder after this year’s flood and fires, from Fisher|Phillips, “Executives Must Plan for Unexpected Natural Events that Can Harm the Company.” Comments?
Prepare for Disasters

★ Do you use social media platforms for networking? Some suggestions from the Harvard Business Review, “The Best Ways to Use Social Media to Expand Your Network”

★ Thinking of asking for a promotion this year? Some suggestions from Fast Company, “5 questions to ask yourself before you ask for a raise or promotion” Comments?

★ An issue worth the time it talks for a discussion with your medical provider, from BBC(Health), “HRT: Women told not to be alarmed by Alzheimer’s study” Comments?
HRT Talk

★ BBC (Capital) ventures forth with an explanation on “How avocados and kale became so popular” Comments?
Popular Vegetables

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