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Good Tuesday morning…the start of the Lunar New Year (Year of the Pig)

Welcome to today’s selection of articles.

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★ Welcoming in the Year of the Pig, “Chinese New Year 2019: Celebrate and learn about the Chinese Spring festival at
Year of the Pig

★ February 1 was the start of Black History Month, learn more a the following link: Black History

★ What do you know about network of “underground railroads” which were created in America in the 1840? From the BBC, “A secret network that helped slaves find freedom” Comments?
Unerground Railroad

★ A worthwhile read on a rainy weekend, from the BBC “Seven words that can help to be a little calmer” Comments?

★ When making plans for the day’s activities do you think about your brian? From the BBC, “How to plan your day together the best out of your brain” Comments?
Brain Planning

★ A troubling report from the Los Angeles Times, “Hate crimes in L.A. highest in 10 years, with LGBTQ and African Americans most targeted” Comments?
Rise in Hate Crimes

★ Have you been subjected to a “stress interview” in your search for new employment? From the BBC, “The ‘stress interview’: A technique that goes too far?” Comments?
Stress Interview

★ Make a note of that, from Lex Blog, “I Should Have Written That Down! 5 Quick Tips for Documenting Employee Issues”Comments?

★ Have questions about service animals in the workplace? This article from Fisher-Phillips might be a good place to start, “Service Animals, Assistance Animals, Comfort Animals—And The Occasional Miniature Horse” Comments?
Service Animals

★ New “#MeToo legislation coming up in the California legislature, from Lex Blog, “#MeToo Reboot Presents Early Test for California Governor Gavin Newsom” Comments?
#MeToo 2019

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