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★ Pop quiz. When working are you focused on how your work or why you work? From the BBC (Capital), “Focus on how you work, not why.” Comments?

★ Quick poll, what are your thoughts about parents bringing babies to work? Here’s one opinion the question from HR Executive, “Bring Your Baby to Work. No, Really.” Comments
Babies in the Wrokplace?

★ A new report from Deloitte Insights discusses emerging leadership skills for the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” in
the article, “How leaders are navigating the Fourth Industrial Revolution:Our latest survey of Industry 4.0 readiness” Comments?
Leadership Skills

★ What are your current views on facebook? See, from The Conversation, “How Facebook went from friend to frenemy”
Friend Me?

★ Do you follow Axios? From, Vanity Fair, “We’re trying to grab people by the collar every day”: Axios, the fast-twitch media darling, is celebrating its second anniversary-and virtual profitability.”:
Axios: Two Year Anniversary

★ Here’s a trend worth knowing more about, from CNBC, “Apple and Aetna are teaming up on a new app to help track and reward healthy behavior” Comments?
Health Trend

★ Have you thought about this aspect of the “aging workforce”? From Next Avenue, “Boomer Brain Drain: The Big Mistake Employers Are MakingWhy: many older workers aren’t passing the torch when they retire, they’re dropping ithttps://www.nextavenue.org/boomer-brain-drain-the-big-mistake-employers-are-making/? Comments?

★ Here’s a little gem for your “believe it or not” folder. From Brody and Associates, ” ‘Would you sleep with the manager to get this job.’ Asks a Subway Manager,” Comments?
Believe It or Not

★ Have you, or someone you know,encounrered this problem, from Fast Company, “Many women are afraid to tell their bosses they’re pregnant–and for good reason” Comments?
Prenancy Announcement?

★ A long read for those of you interested in keeping up with national and world affairs, from the U.S. Senate, “Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community” Comments?
Intelligence Briefing

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