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✔ Over 40? Some suggestions from MarketWatch on “What to do if you face age discrimination at work.” Comments?
Over 40?

✔ Are you developing or implementing a program on recognizing and avoiding bias in the workplace? Some suggestions from Forbes, “Six Ways To Make Sure Your Implicit Bias Training Actually Works, ”
Implicit Bias

✔ The findings reported in this article from Reuters should come as new surprise, “Workplace bullying and violence tied to higher risk of heart problems” Comments?

✔ A good question to ask yourself as we approach the holidays, from the BBC, “What single word defines who you are?” Comments?
One Word

✔ Another form of bias to be aware of, from the BBC (Future), “The bizarre bias that affects how you shop” Comments?
Shopping Bias?

✔ Some reading material for fans of Edward Gorey, from the BBC (Culture),the mysterious, macabre mind of Edward Gorey” Comments?

✔ Sexual harassment claim prevention through changes in company workplace culture. Some suggestions from Holland & Hart, “Sexual Harassment Cases Provide Concrete Reason to Change Corporate Culture” Comments?
Culture & Prevention

✔ Students respond to the Secretary of Education’s proposed rule changes regarding claims of sexual harassment and assault on college and university campuses, from CBS, “Student activists plan to fight proposed campus sex assault rules” Comments?
Students Object

✔ Educating children about the history of Columbas Day and Thanksgiving, from PBS Newshour, “Teaching kids about Thanksgiving or Columbus? They deserve the real story” Comments?
True Stories

✔ Now that the rain has cleared the local air of the smoke from the Camp Fire it may be time to consider (and prepare for) the damage caused to each of us by breathing it. From Vox, “Breathing dirty air takes years off people’s lives. This tool shows just how much.” Comments?
Smoke Damage
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