Articles exploring workplace trends selected by an employment law attorney whose focus is on the prevention of workplace disputes and the development of workplaces which support civility and health. Comments and suggestions from readers are encouraged. Published every Tuesday and Thursday.


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✔ Flu and cold season coming, LexBlog asks, you to consider, “What to Do When You Go “AH-CHOO!” An Employer’s Guide for Dealing with Infectious Diseases” Comments?

✔ The value of attending to the health and safety of your workplace, from McKinsey, “The symbiotic relationship between organizational health and safety” Comments?
Health & Safety

✔ Cross-cultural communication during business negotiations, from Harvard’s Program on Negotiation”Cross-Cultural Communication in Business Negotiations” Comments?
Cross-cultural Negotiations

✔ Career potential? From the BBC, “Wy blockchain developers can earn $158.00” Comments?
Career Potential

✔ In the midst of the state’s wildfire an opportunity too reflect upon, “Five myths about wildfires” from the BBC. Comments?
Wildfire Myths

✔ A worthwhile perspective on higher education, from the BBC, “University ‘not for people like us'” Comments?
Higher Education Aspirations

✔ For your health, from the BBC, “Fat-clogged cells explain why obesity can cause cancer” Comments?
Cancer & Obesity

✔ A grim set of statistics reviewed by the Washington Post, “Hate crimes rose 17 percent last year, according to new FBI data” Comments?
Grim Report

✔ More images remembrance of WWI from the BBC, “Foreign fields in a new light” Comments?
Fields of WWI

✔ The economic impact of a plant-based diet, from the BBC (Capital)
“Swapping t-bone for tofu-but does it add up?” Comments?
Vegan Economics

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