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✔ Influence of “new age beliefs.” From the Pew Research Center; “‘New Age’ beliefs common among both religious and nonreligious
Americans” Comments?

✔ The “Burbs.” From the Pew Research Center “5 facts about U.S. suburbs” Comments?

✔ Interesting discussion on life expectancy, from the BBC (Future) “Do we really live longer than our ancestors” Comments?
May You Live Long…

✔ Transgender employee, from HR Executive, “How to Ease Transgender Transitions at Work” Comments?

✔Do you strive to create a safe, healthy, and productive environment for your employees? From, McKinsey Quarterly, “The overlooked essentials of employee well-being” Comments?

✔ Pop Quiz: What are the three biggest problems you face with your co-workers? take a look at Fast Company’s list, with proposed solutions,
“This is how to fix your 3 biggest problems with your coworkers” Comments?

✔ Is your boss going through a personal crisis? some suggestions on how you can help, from Fast Company, “What you can do when your boss is going through a personal crisis” Comments?
Boss Crisis

✔ The importance of workplace culture, from McKinsey & Company,
“Want to reinvent your business? Start with culture” Comments?

✔ Thinking of asking for an increase in salary? From CNBC, “Here are 8 ways to negotiate a six-figure salary like a pro” Comments?
Salary Negotiaion

✔ Some health news, from Nutrition Action, “Does more protein in your food mean more muscle in you?” Comments?

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