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✔New survey results published by Public Religion Research Institute (PPRI) “Partisanship Trumps Gender: Sexual Harassment, Woman Candidates, Access to Contraception, and Key Issues in 2018 Midterms” Comments?
Sexua Harassment Survey

✔ News regarding the EEOC, from Seyfarth Shaw, ‘The EEOC Puts The Pedal To The Metal: FY 2018 Results Show Increase In Filings, With #MeToo Lawsuits Adding Fuel To The Agenda” Comments?
EEOC-Sexual Harassment

✔ Take notes, clean the coffee room and fridge, and order pizza? Office care taking responsibilities, among others, left to women by default or design. See, from Fast Company, “This is the cost of women’s workplace emotional labor” Comments?
Emotional Labor Cost

✔ Ever wonder why it seems harder to accomplish tasks at the end of the
end of your workday? From Fast Company, “This is why you can’t get anything done at the end of the workday” Comments?
End of Day

✔ As a manager what can you do to prevent your employees from
”burning out’? Some suggestions from Fast Company, “How managers can help employees avoid burnout” Comments?
Burn-Out Prevention

✔ Undocumented Latina women coping with sexual harassment. A long, but important, read from California magazine, “Safe House” Comments?
Safe House

✔ Too modest? From the BBC (Future) “Why we shouldn’t be too
modest” Comments?
Too Modest?

✔ Nobel Peace Prize 2018, from PBS Newshour, “Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Nadia Murad, Denis Mukwege for fight against sexual violence” Comments?
Peace Prize

✔ Early warning signs of diabetes, from BBC (Health), “Type-2 diabetes signs ‘detectable years before diagnosis'” Comments?

✔ For your health, from the BBC, “Processed meat ‘linked to breast cancer'” Comments?
Cancer Link

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