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✔ What are your strengths? From Fast Company, “This is how you should answer “What are your strengths?” Comments?

✔ Overqualified? Too old? From the Herald & Review, “Overqualified? Or too old? Age discrimination case takes aim at biased recruiting practices.”Comments?

✔ Planning a dress code for your workplace? Is there one already in place? From Forbes, “Gender-Based Dress Codes: Human Resources, Diversity And Legal Impact” Comments?
Dress Code

✔ Boss…I don’t understand why this customer is complaining? Have you heard the or something like from an employee? From the Harvard Business Review, “To Get Employees to Empathize with Customers, Make Them Think Like Customers” Comments?

✔ Having second thoughts about your decision to promote an employee?
From Human Resource Executive, “What Happens When a Promotion Doesn’t Work Out” Comments?
2nd Thoughts?

✔ Looking for a job sector with growth potential? From the BBC (Capital), “The people building a greener future” Comments?

✔ What do you know about “blackingout”? From the BBC (Future), “What we know about alcohol-induced blackouts.” Comments?
<a href="http://http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20181002-how-can-you-tell-if-someone-is-blackout-drunk “>Blackouts

✔ Do you fear that AI and/or robots will replace you at work? If so, you’re not alone, from Pew Research Global, “In Advanced and Emerging Economies Alike, Worries About Job Automation” Comments?

✔ A California first, from NPR, “California Becomes 1st State To Require Women On Corporate Boards” Comments?
Board Women

✔ Do you understand the feeling “loneliness”? Think about what it means to you and then read this article from BBC(Future) for another perspective, The surprising truth about loneliness” Comments?

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