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✔ Institutional bias, a description of one person’s efforts to do something about it, in Forbes, “I’m Complicit to Institutional Bias, Here’s What I’m Doing About It” Comments?

✔ “Asura” Was it marked on your calendar for last Thursday? From the BBC: “What is Asura’ Comments?

✔ Some more information for women returning to work from maternity leave. From Fast Company: “What 13 moms wish they knew their first week back from maternity leave” Comments?
After Maternity Leave

✔ A timely question, from Fast Company “Men: Have you really stopped to think about gender equality?’ Comments?
Gender Equality

✔ Confronted with a complex problem? Think ”Zeigarnik”, from Fast Company, “How to solve complex problems (by not focusing on them)”Comments?
Tough Problem?

✔ “Paid on Receipt” Are you an attorney who owns a solo or small practice. This article from MyShingle may interest you, ‘How Three Little Words – Earned on Receipt – Could Change Everything for Solo & Small Law Firms’ Comments?
Business of Law

✔ Interested in the history of design? An informative weekend read from the BBC, “Anni Albers and the forgotten women of the bauhaus’ Comments?

✔ Can you sell your own data as a way to make money? An interesting
take on this question from BBC (Capital):”Can you make money selling your data?” Comments?
Selling Data?

✔ Another aspect of the access to personal data for you to be aware of, from the BBC (Technology) “Tech Tent: Do the police have your biometric digits?” Comments?

✔What is the difference between ‘diversity’ and “inclusion” in the workplace, from Gallup “3 requirements for a Diverse and Inclusive Environment.”

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