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✔ Looking for ideas on how to motivate your employees? Try Google, from Fast Company, “This is how Google motivates its employees” Comments?
Google It

✔ A suggestion from The Globe and Mail on how to grow your career, or, for that matter, your business: “Think like a founder and watch your career grow” Comments?

✔ Do you have doubts about your worth? Guess what? From Fast Company: ‘4 times self-doubt can actually be good for your career”Comments?

✔ Is your website ADA compliant? Some potential litigants are asking this question. see the article from Ford Harrison (Global HR Lawyers),
“Website Accessibility and Americans with Disabilities Act” Comments?
ADA Website?

✔ What should you do when presented with a harassment complaint by an employee or, for that matter, any complaint of workplace wrongdoing? See the suggestions made in this article from Forbes, “When An Employee Files A Harassment Complaint, Here’s What HR Needs To Do First” Comments?
Harassment Complaint

✔ Do you know anyone in the process of deciding which college or university to attend in 2019? this article from the BBC (Capital) may be of interest: “Which universities will really impress the boss?’Comments?
College-University Choice

✔ Little do we know, from Pew Research Center, :”Education levels of U.S. immigrants are on the rise” Comments?
Educated Immigrants

✔ Concerns about AI and the future of the workplace, from the Pew research Center, “In Advanced and Emerging Economies Alike, Worries About Job Automation’ Comments?
AI Concerns

✔ Must read? Do you enjoy libraries? If so, check out, The Daily Beast’s
book review “Travel to Palatial Libraries Around the World With This Book” Comments?
Great Libraries

✔ Do you follow the mystery stories of Agatha Christie? If so, you might be interested in this article from the BBC (Culture) “Agatha Christie Shaped How the World sees Britain” Comments?

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