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✔ Steps toward efficient thinking, from Fast Company ‘Be more efficient by working with your brain’s natural flow’ Comments?
Improve Thinking

✔ Promotion unavailable? When to think laterally, from Fast Company
“Here’s when it makes sense to make a lateral career move” Comments?
Think Lateral

✔ Some suggestions on creating a positive workplace culture, from Forbes: “How To Create A Positive Workplace Culture” Comments?
Workplace Culture

✔ Long read, “A Workplace Divided: Understanding the Climate for LGBTQ
Workers Nationwide” from the Human Rights Campaign Foundation
(HRC) Comments?
Workplace Divided

✔ Weekend or holiday emails…how to you feel about them? Here’s a perspective on the subject from the BBC ‘What Would happen If We Banned Work Emails art the Weekend?” Comments/
Weekend Emails?

✔ From Pew Research center, “The Religious Typology: A new way to categorize Americans by religion” Read the report and take the quiz to find your “religious typology.’ Comments?
Religious Typology

✔ What’s your opinion of unions? From Pew Research Center, “Most Americans view unions favorably, though few workers belong to one” Comments?

✔How do your opinions on social issues compare with those of citizens of other countries? From Pew Research Center, “How Americans and Western Europeans compare on 4 key social and political issues” Comments?

✔ A reflection on the future of work from the daily Beast, “Labor Day 2040: What Happens When Robots Do All the Work?” Comments?
Robots at Work

✔ For artists and lovers of art, from the BBC: ‘The Artist Who Triumphed Over Her shocking Rape and Torture” Comments?
Artist’s Triumpth

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