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✔ California Workers and the American Dream” a new report from PRRI. Comments?
California Dreamin

✔ Disappointed? From Fast Company; ‘Passed over for a promotion? Here’s how to recover” Comments?
Passed Over?

✔ It is always a good use of your time to prepare before you enter a negotiation. Here are a few tips from Fast Company “Ask yourself these 7 questions when preparing for a negotiation” Comments?
Advance Planning

✔ Want to make your presentations more persuasive? It is all in the hands.
From the BBC (Capital): “Your Hand Gestures Can Help Make You More Charismatic” Comments?
Hand Gestures

✔ Smile, from Fast Company; ‘”Why we need more laughter in the workplace” Comments?

✔ How do women navigate this no-win situation. From harvard business Review: “Why Women Stay Out of the Spotlight at Work” Comments?

✔ Are you a hairdresser? Your profession and several others may survive the AI revolution. See, from Fast Company, ‘These are the few jobs that robots won’t take from us” Comments?
AI Survival

✔Is it difficult for you to make a decision? This article from Fast company may provide some insights “These are the reasons you can never make a decision” Comments?
Make Up Your Mind

✔ What does Omarosa Manigault Newman have to do with my work environment? From NPR, “Bugged At Work: How Secret Recordings Are Changing The Workplace” Comments?
Secret Recording

✔ Is the temperature in your workspace too hot, too cold or just right? What happes when you make a complaint about it? From the BBC ” The Never-Ending Battle Over The Best Office Temperature” Comments?
Office Temperature

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