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✔ Have you ever experienced a “panic attack” while at work? Fast Company has a few suggestions on how to cope with one if and when you do have one: “How to deal with a panic attack at works” Comments?

✔ Here’s a little challenge by the BBC (Future) to start your day off with ,
“How Well Do You Think About Risk and Uncertainty?” Results? Comments?

✔ The “trickle down” effect of incivility in the workplace is discussed in this article from HRExecutive: “The Trickle-Down Effect of Rudeness at Work” Comments?

✔ Emotional Intelligence? A little history lesson from Fast Company: “The 2,000-year-old origins of EQ and How It Became a Crucial Skill” Comments?

✔ Completing your resume? Don’t make the mistake described in this article from the BBC: “Can You Actually Speak The Languages Described in Your CV?” Comments?
Avoid This Error

✔ Do you know your most productive time of the day? What is it and why do you feel it is more productive than other times? See what Fast Company has to say on the topic in the article: “Do you know what time of day you are most productive?” Comments?
Best Time of Day?

✔ Getting ready to enter into an important negotiations? This article from Fast Company has some tips:” Understand these 3 things before you go into a negotiation’. Comments?
Negotiation Tips

✔ Are you handling your own work and that of an absent college’s? Some suggestions from The Muse: “Here’s What You Can Realistically Do When You’re Doing Your Job…and Someone Else’s” Comments?
Extra Work?

✔ A timely article as many of us return to work after vacation. From Greater Good Magazine: “How to Be More Engaged at Work” Comments?
Get In The Swing

✔ For your information: “The Foundations of Happiness at Work” Starts September 3, 2018. For more information contact the Greater Good Science Center, at the link provided.

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