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Articles exploring workplace trends selected by an employment law attorney whose focus is on the prevention of workplace disputes and the development of workplaces which support health and civility. Comments and suggestions from readers are encouraged. Published every Tuesday and Thursday.


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✔ Looking for some of the trend setters in the food industry, from Civil Eats “The Inspiring Women Reshaping the Food System” Do you have other names your think should be added to this list? Comments?
Food Trends

✔ Food for thought from ” across the pond,” from Fast Company “London’s first female-centric coworking space is in full bloom” Comments ?
Workshare Idea

✔ Some information that might make a difference to how your treated in the hospital emergency room, from Reuters “Women more likely to survive heart attack if ER physician is female” Comments?
Female M.D.

✔ Have you recently applied for a job and did not get selected? This article from the BBC (Capital) may be of interest: “How Hidden Bias Can Stop You From Getting a Job” Comments?
Hidden Bias

✔ A trend to watch, from the PBS News Hour: “Teachers are getting targeted anti-union emails from conservative groups” Comments?
Labor Trend

✔ Thinking about leaving your present job for a new one? From Fast Company: “How to quit your job without hurting your career” What your experience been like? Comments?

✔ Are you close to someone with a serious metal illness? If so, this article from the BBC (Future) maybe of interest: “How Do You Treat Someone Who Doesn’t Accept That They Are Mentally Ill?” Comments?
Mental Illness

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