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✔ A few suggestions from Fast Company for all of us who have a bad or slow start to the workday: “How to salvage some productivity after a crappy morning” Comments?
Bad Day?

✔ Ever wonder how you hear a word or phrase impacts your response? Here’s an article on “framing” which should interest those engaged in the business of marketing or negotiation…and some politicians from Fast Company: “This is how tiny changes in words you hear impacts your thinking” Comments?

✔ Do you commute to and from work? There are some benefits, from the BBC (Capital) “The Neglected Benefits of The Commute”. Surprised? Comments?

✔ Ban the box legislation makes this question, article from OZY relevant reading for today’s employers: “Why You Should Hire Someone Who Went To Prison.” Comments?
Reformed Convicts

✔ Have you had a hard day at work or home? Here are some suggestions for improving things from Fast Company: “6 tricks for surviving work and personal adversity” Comments?
Surviving Bad Days

✔Is the use of good grammar and correct language important to you?
A look into the future by BBC: “What is the Future of English in the US?”
English in the USA

✔ Interested in creating a meaningful, creative and committed workplace culture? Who isn’t? Some suggestions from Forbes: “Four Ways To Meaningfully Create A Creative, Committed Workplace Culture Comments?
Workplace Culture

✔ Differences between men and women? You may be surprised by some,, if not all, of the information presented in the book “Inferior” reviewed in this article from The Guardian: “The book that fights sexism with science” Comments?

✔ How vulnerable is our electoral system to “hacking?” This BBC (Technology) article shows that “Hacking the US mid-terms? It’s child’s play” Comments?
Child’s Play

✔ Do you feel like you are in a “wage rut?” Your “gut instinct” is correct, from CBS News “Why your wages aren’t growing” Comments?
Salary Rut?

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