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Articles exploring workplace trends from the perspective of an employment law attorney whose focus is on the prevention of workplace disputes and the development of workplaces which support a culture of health, civility and respect. Comments and suggestions from readers are encouraged. Published every Tuesday and Thursday.


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✔ Feeling anxious? Some advice from Fast Company: How to make your anxiety work for you instead of against you Do you have any suggestions? Comments?

✔ If you were asked, how would you describe the current status of our country? From Atlantic: One Country, Two Radically Different Narratives Comments?
State of the Union

✔ What do I do after securing my degree? One idea for avoiding this problem is discussed in this article from the U.S. News & World Report: What to Know About Optional Practical Training What do you think of OPT? Comments?

✔ From Psychology Today: Why Do Certain Men Resort to Sexual Harassment? A good article and question to discuss with your colleagues. Comments?

✔ This is a surprising report from the BBC (Capital): Open Offices Make People Talk Less and Email More Comments?
Open Office

✔ Fake news? A series from the Harvard Business Review on misinformation and potential solutions to Truth Disrupted. Comments?
Fake News?

✔ Are you a negotiator? Here are a few times from Fast Company: How to negotiate anything–from people who have done it What are some of your best tips?

✔ Presented with a complaint of inappropriate workplace behavior? Consider the use of an outside investigator. From Bloomberg Law: Surge in Outside Workplace Investigations in #MeToo Milieu What’s been your experience? Comments?

✔ Are you an introvert? Some suggestions from Fast Company: “Introverts, here’s how to make friends at a new job” Do you have any tips you you,d suggest? Comments?

✔ From Inc: How to Retain Employees Who Return From Maternity Leave Some good suggestions to help retain a valued employee. Comments?
Maternity Leave

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