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✔ From the Pew Research Center: The share of teens with summer jobs has plunged since 2000, and the type of work they do has shifted Interesting report. Comments?
Summer Jobs

✔ From Brain Pickings: How to Grow Old: Bertrand Russell on What Makes a Fulfilling Life Sunday morning read and book recommendations. Comments?
How to Grow Old

✔From CBS News: Introverts and the making of a “Quiet Revolution Inspiring morning read for all the introverts who wonder if they are alone. Comments?
Quiet Revolution

✔ From Fast Company: This strategy works better than diversity training A focus not on what employees think but on what why do. Comments?
Better Than Diversity Training?

✔ A world view of “diversity”, from the BBC: “ I’ve Been Fired From Three Jobs Because of My Gender”
“Diversity at work is often just an exercise in ticking a box, rather than creating meaningful change. We travelled around the world to ask people how to make a real difference.” (BBC Capital) Comments?
Diversity Gallery

✔ From Vox: The myth of the job-hopping, rootless millennial is just that — a myth: Hype about the “gig economy” aside, Americans are becoming more attached to their jobs and communities, not less. What’s your experience been?
Job Myth

✔ From Fast Company: 4 ways to make anxiety work for you How do you “let anxiety work” for you? Comments?

✔Ready for retirement? From The Washington Post: A record number of folks age 85 and older are working. Here’s what they’re doing. How long do you plan to work> Comments?
When I’m 85

✔ An interesting analysis from the Harvard Business Review: Why Do Toxic People Get Promoted? For the Same Reason Humble People Do: Political Skill What are your observations? Comments?
Toxic Politics

✔ From Forbes: Vegan Initiatives Are Taking Off In The Corporate Workplace–And It’s Good For Business A growing workplace option and trend worth exploring. Comments?
Vegan Trend

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