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✔Wine lovers. Weight in with your thoughts on this article from the BBC (Future): Does Soil Really Affect Wine’s Flavor? Comments?
Wine & Soil

✔ From Forbes: Loyalty Isn’t A Virtue, It’s The Enemy Of Workplace Ethics What are your thoughts? Comments?
Loyalty Risks

✔ From the Harvard Business Review: 3 Common Hiring Mistakes New Managers Should Avoid Can you think of some other “common hiring mistakes”? What are your thoughts on the “mistakes” discussed in the article? Comments?
Hiring Mistakes

✔ From the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation: Negotiations, Gender, and Status at the Bargaining Table Good idea to keep this information in mind when you participate in negotiations.
Gender Status

✔ From Fast Company: These are your two biggest workplace etiquette mistakes Can you think of other workplace etiquette mistakes? Comments?

✔ From Undark: Why Our Brains Constantly Create New Threats What are your thoughts on the writer’s research as expressed in the article? Do you agree with the premise? Comments?
Brains & Threats

✔ From Entrepreneur: Bullies At Work: Stamping Out Abuse In The Workplace How does your business manage bullies? Comments?
Managing Bullies

✔From the Harvard Business Review: How to Manage an Employee Who’s Having a Personal Crisis It is important to spend time talking about how you would respond and work with an employee in crisis before an incident occurs.
Crisis Counseling at Work

✔ For people who “run with dogs”, from CBS News: How an entire line of dogs in the Americas disappeared…and 22 other vulnerable breeds. Comments?
Dog Breeds

✔ For your health, from Reuters: Sticking with the same doctor may extend patients’ lives Interesting article for those who have a personal physician. Comments?
Benefits of One Doctor

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