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✔ From Human Resource Executive: Reskilling HR Pros for the Workplace of the Future Are you a HR professional? What are you doing to prepare for the future of work? Comments?
HR Skills of the Future

✔ From the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Persons with a Disability: Labor Force Characteristics News Release A report on the employment of people with disabilities by industry. What is your company doing to employ and retain employees with disabilities? Comments?
Disabled in the Worforce

✔ From Fast Company: 5 types of bad bosses and how to deal with them Any of this feel familiar? How did you cope? Comments?
Bad Bosses

✔ From the Washington Post: Just one sexual harassment claim can tarnish a company’s image Well worth noting. Comments?
Impact of Harassment Claims

✔ From Fast Company: “Struggling to be heard at work? Follow this three-step process” Good ideas? Comments?
Are You Being Heard?

✔ From the BBC (Future): Why Don’t We Know More About Migraines? Do you suffer from migraine headaches? Do you have employees who are disabled them? A little history and speculation. Comments?

✔ A interesting opinion article from David Brooks, in the New York Times: The Gender War Is On! And Fake Comments?
Gender War?

✔ From the BBC (Culture): Libraries: Where the World’s Memory is Stored Support your local library. Comments?
✔ What are your Summer reading plans? Here’s a reading list you might be interested in. From POLITICO: What Politicos Are Reading This Summer Comments?

✔ A little July 4th history lesson from the PBS News Hour: 8 things you didn’t know about the Fourth of July Did any of these “8 things” surprise you? Comments?
4th of July Trivia

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