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Good Tuesday morning.

Happy 4th of July.

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✔ A very sobering report from CBS News: Farmers in America are killing themselves in staggering numbers The loss in life of the people who provide us our “daily bread.” Comments?
Farmers & Suicide

✔ From PBS Newshour: Ask the Headhunter: Why was my job offer rescinded when I tried to negotiate? Has this ever happened to you? Comments?
Recinded Offer

✔ From Forbes: How Do We Design Workplaces That Support Mental Health And Well-Being Comments?
Mental Health & Worplace

✔ From SHRM: Hold Managers Accountable for California Meal-Break Compliance Do you have a worker(s) who elect to worth through her/his breaks? A reason who this practice is not a good one.
Meal Breaks

✔ From Verdict: Silver Linings in an Otherwise Disappointing Travel Ban Ruling A bit of legal analysis on a issue very much in the public eye.
A Silver Lining?

✔ From the Harvard Program on Negotiation: How to Negotiate in Good Faith Have you encountered the problems discussed in this Blog Post? How did you overcome them?Comments?
Gooid Faith Negotiation

✔ From FindLaw: Top 7 Summer Employment Tips for Employers The summer employee…some tips for increasing your chances of having a good experience with your “seasonal” hires.
Summer Job Tips

✔ From Fast Company: 4 emotionally intelligent HR policies employees may suffer without Do you have these policies at your worksite? Why not? Comments?
Healthy HR Policies

✔ From Forbes: How To Successfully Manage Workplace Conflict Some tips from the Forbes Coaches Panel. Are you a Sonoma County employer? Contact me to schedule a free initial consultation, held at your office, to discuss how your company can prevent and, when necessary, manage workplace conflict.
Workplace Conflict

✔ From the BBC (Future): Why Non-Smokers Are Getting Lung Cancer Non-smoking lung cancer is not a trivial issue. What are the risk factors for non-smokers? Comments?
Lung Cancer

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