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Good Thursday morning.

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✔ A long read on immigration from Lawfare: Who’s Really Crossing the U.S. Border, and Why They’re Coming I hope this information provides some perspective on a pressing issue. Comments?
Who’s Crossing the Border

✔ From the Pew Research Center: Distinguishing Between Factual and Opinion Statements in the News A long, but important, read. Hope you find the information of value.
Fact? Opinion?

✔ From Fast Company: Should I come out at my job interview? What are your thoughts on this question? Comments?
Coming Out-Timing

✔ From the Insurance Journal: Why Businesses Need to Plan for Aging Workforce
Aging Workforce

✔ From Above the Law: 8 Helpful Hints On What Not To Call An Older Employee Some worthwhile tips to avoid exposure to an age discrimination complaint and improve the workplace culture for your “older employees.Comments?
Language in the Workplace

✔ From Inc.: I’m Pregnant and Starting a New Job. Can I Be Fired for Taking Leave?
For one answer to this question read the article. Comments?
Pregnant Job Applicant

✔ From HR Executive: Suicide and the Workplace: How HR Can Help As with everything, it helps to think about suicide in advance and plan for what to do when an employment or her/his family member is impacted by its occurrence. Comments?

✔From HR Executive: Survey Finds HR Focusing on Engagement, Culture Click on the link provided in the article to view the complete survey. Comments?
HR Focus Survey

✔ From the Harvard Program on Negotiation: How to Deal with Difficult People How do you negotiate with a “difficult” person? Comments?
Difficult People

✔ For artists and art lovers, from the BBC: Why the Thinker Should Be Called The Mourner Thinker or Mourner? Comments?
The Thinker?o

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