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✔ From the Huffington Post (Video): The History Of Juneteenth, A Glorious Celebration Of Black Independence Day: For many African Americans, it’s even more significant than Independence Day. Here’s why we should make Juneteenth a national holiday. A history lesson for an important event. Comments?

✔ First time in a management position? Here are some thoughts on the experience from Fast Company: What I wish I knew before I became a manager for the first time: The road to being a good manager is filled with trial and error. Here are six tips to fast-track your success. Are you an experienced manager? What would you add to the list by way of advice? Comments?
New To Management?

✔ From the BBC (Future): What If We Knew When and How We’d Die? A sobering thought. Different perspectives on the contemplation of death including “terror management theory” and South Korean Buddhist monks. Comments?
Thoughts of Death

✔ Does this apply to you? From the BBC (Capital): How Faking Your Feelings at Work Can Be damaging Comments?
Fake Feelings Hurt

✔ From Best Best & Krueger: When is an Employer Responsible for Accidents on Employees’ Commutes? A legal opinion worth the review of any California employer. Comments?

✔From OZY: Fib On Your Resume? A Whopping Number Do. Do you have an experience with finding a “fib” on a resume? How have you handled it? Comments?
Resume Fibs

✔ From Fast Company: Why companies need to hire social workers Changes in the workplace culture broaden the need for experts in societal good. Comments?
Social Workers at Work?

✔ Are you a new manager? Some additional suggestions (to yesterday’s Post) from Fast Company: These are the conversations you need to have as a new manager What are your thoughts? Comments?
New to Management II

✔ Smile 😊 from the BBC: “The People Who Cannot Smile” How’s your smile? Comments on the article?

✔ From Bloomberg: Is Your Sexual Harassment Policy Worth the Paper It Is Printed On? Even though the case referred to in the article occurred in New Jersey the issues presented are applicable to any sexual harassment policy. Take the time to review yours. As the old saying goes “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” Comments?
Check Your Harassment Policies

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