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✔From Justia Verdict: Good News About Social Security A surprising title for an article. For those interested in social security it is well worth the (long) read.
Social Security

✔ From Werk: Men Need Flexibility, Too-Especially When They Are Caregivers The increasing role of men as caregivers and the impact on work schedules.
Men as Caregivers

✔ From Fast Company: Hiding my chronic illness from my coworkers almost killed me
A lesson in this story for all of us. Comments?
Diclose or Not

✔From Time: #MeToo Has ‘Tripled’ Web Traffic For the Federal Agency That Investigates Harassment Another good argument for reviewing and, if necessary, updating your internal complaint procedures. Far better to plan ahead than react later. Comments?
Sexual Harassment Complaints Increase

✔From the BBC: Why do some job adverts put women off applying? A good discussion and presentation of a “tool” to help make job descriptions more attractive to qualified female candidates. Comments?
Tool Encourages Diversity

✔ From the PBS Newshour (Shares): “Rediscovered film takes a trip through San Francisco in ruins” Incredible footage showing S.F. before and immediately after “the big one.” Comments?
Film of “The Big One”

✔From the BBC: AI gives silenced radio journalist his voice back AI as an aid to “job accommodation” for people with disabilities? Comments?
AI & Job Accommodations

✔From CBS News: California officials move to reject court ruling on coffee and cancer risk
Coffee shops and consumer breathe a sigh of relief…the pendulum has changed again. The deeper question is who do you rely on for reports on the safety of food and beverages?
Coffee & Cancer ?

✔ From the Huffington Post: Want To End Sexual Harassment? Landmark Study Finds Ousting ‘Bad Men’ Isn’t Enough A workplace culture of health can help avoid or prevent the root cause of most workplace conflicts. Interested in learning more?
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Workplace Culture

✔ From Reuters: Blockchain explained A excellent visual guide for anyone interested in learning more about blockchain. Comments?

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