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✔From the Harvard Program on Negotiation: Four Ways to Manage Conflict in the Workplace: To effectively resolve conflict in the workplace, we need to get past the tendency to blame and accuse. Instead, listen actively and focus on joint problem-solving.
Manage Conflict

✔From Market Watch: Single mothers who graduate college earn $600,000 more over their lifetimes Comments?
Single Mothers & College

✔From Roll Call: Kuster Wants Investigation Into Sexual Harassment in V: More than a quarter of women employees in agency were harassed, government watchdog agency report Comments?
V.A. Harassment?

✔From The Harvard Business Review: Why Work Friendships Go Awry, and How to Prevent It Has this happened to you? What are your thoughts on the articles suggestions?
Workplace Friendships

✔From the BBC (Future) : How Our Teenage Years Shape Our Personalities: The mood swings and stress you experience as you go through puberty can shape your brain to determine the person you will become. Do you agree? Comments?

✔ From the EEOC: EEOC Select Task Force on Harassment Hears from Experts on How to Prevent Workplace Harassment A number of good suggestions. Comments?

✔ From the Harvard Business Journal: Why Managers Shouldn’t Have the Final Say in Performance Reviews How are performance reviews conducted in your office?
Comments on the article?
Performance Reviews

✔From the Marshall Project: Was This Man Sentenced to Death Because He’s Gay? An article more of interest to lawyers but provides a good perspective on how the term “bias” is subject to interpretation. Comments?

✔ From Best, Best & Krieger: How a Court’s Decision that the President Can’t Block Twitter Users Impacts Public Officials Attention public employees who maintain social media sites. Comments?
Public Officials Tweets

✔From BBC (Business): Tesla to Slash Thousands of Jobs in Profitability Drive Is this a trend we can now expect to see more of? Comments?
Tesla Cuts

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