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✔ From the BBC: Kate Spade death: Mental illness ‘doesn’t discriminate’ Pause, reflect, and reach out to provide or seek support. A reminder that we are all responsible for the health of our culture and society. Comments? Suicide

✔From the BBC: Why Getting Distracted Can Be A Very Good Thing How to get out of your “mind rut.” Comments?  Distraction A Good Thing?

✔From POLITICO, a long but important read:  How to solve the retirement crisis: A POLITICO Working Group Report. What are your thoughts? Comments? Retirement Crisis?

✔From the Pew Research Center:  Almost seven-in-ten Americans have news fatigue, more among Republicans  A trend which does not bode well for a flourishing, free-democratic society. Comments? News Fatigue

✔ From Fast Company: This is how to deal with your incompetent coworkers: You know the person who doesn’t pull their weight? Here are a few dos and don’ts to getting things to change. Have your experienced the situation discussed in the article? What are your thoughts on the suggestions?  Comments? Co-workers

✔From the Marshall Project: The Inside Story of a Legendary Prison Debate Team: Our victories over college students weren’t just for us—they were for incarcerated people everywhere. A very interesting feature story. Enjoy. Prison Debators

✔From Knowledge @ Wharton: Why Retaining Older Women in the Workforce Will Help the U.S. Economy Comments? Older Women

✔From The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: California Senate Unanimously Passes Historic Bill Calling for Plant-Based Meals for Patients and Prisoners Comments? nHealthy Menu Options

✔From the Los Angeles Times: As diversity progress in Silicon Valley stalls, advocates call for a new approach Comments? Diversity

✔A sign of the times? From Reuters: U.S. actors, TV networks agree to end casting couch The continuing influence of #MeToo.  Comments?  Death of the Casting Couch

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