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✔ From Fast Company: You gave your notice, and your boss gives a counteroffer. Now what? Sounds familiar? Comments? The Counteroffer

✔From the New York Times: Top Colleges Are Cheaper Than You Think (Unless You’re Rich) Making plans for college or university? This “chart” provides some interesting information. Comments? Cost of Learning

✔From U.S. News & World Report: Here’s What Sexual Harassment Costs Its Victims: For victims, workplace sexual misconduct has an emotional cost, but it can take a financial toll, too. Comments? Harassment’s Financial Toll

✔ For followers of The Divine Comedy, from the BBC: Dante and The Divine Comedy. He Took Us on a Tour of Hell Comments? Dante

✔On the day of the California primaries from the PEW Research: U.S. trails most developed countries in voter turnout A sad commentary on our society’s commitment to the democratic process.  Comments?  Democracy?

✔ From PPRI (Public Religion Research Institute ):  Emerging Consensus on LGBT Issues: Findings From the 2017 American Values Atlas Note the finding that religiously based refusals of service to gay and lesbian people are relatively unpopular among the American public Comments? Denial of Service?

✔From Harvard Health Publishing: Working later in life can pay off in more than just income: Benefits such as mental stimulation and social engagement are associated with staving off chronic disease. What are your experiences/observations? Comments? Age and Work

✔From The Washington Post: Where Killings Go Unsolved The Post mapped more than 52,000 homicides and whether each resulted in an arrest. A very interesting (revealing) story. Comments? Homicides

✔From The San Francisco Chronicle: Only 1 in 4 women who have been sexually harassed tell their employers. Here’s why they’re afraid The three legal barriers that stand in the way of workers filing complaints – a critical step to rooting out harassment and protecting employees. Comments? Complaint Fears

✔From the BBC: The People Rethinking Methods of Execution  The question raised in the article is that the lethal injection brought an end to the macabre executions of the past. But after a string of botched deaths, its humanity is being brought into question. Is there another option? Your thoughts?  Humane Execution?

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