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✔ From Reuters:  Stressed out middle-aged workers have higher risk of mental health issues” Workplace stress can have a direct negative on your company’s level of productivity and (in some cases) liability for workers’ compensation claims. Comments? Stress

✔From the Washington Post: Roseanne Barr and the price of racist tweets  The cost of keeping a toxic worker in a workplace — no matter how much of a superstar that person is — is ultimately higher than getting rid of that person” (from the article) A lesson in the saga of Roseanne Barr for all employers. Comments?n Barr

✔ From Navex Global: The Era of the Jerk Manager Is Over Comments? Jerk

✔From Vox: Why South Koreans now live longer than American: And will soon live longer still Surprised? Interesting report.Comments? Surprise?

✔From Fast Company:  The director of the film made for Starbucks employees explains his aim (Includes the film). Comments? Starbucks

✔From the Harvard Program on Negotiation: Are Salary Negotiation Skills Different for Men and Women? For women, salary negotiation is about more than just a paycheck Salaries

✔From Human Resource Executive:  On-Demand Staffing Will Disrupt the Future of WorkDigital on-demand staffing platforms are disrupting the future of work: On-Demand Staffing Will Disrupt the Future of Work: Digital on-demand staffing platforms are disrupting the future of work. What’s your experience? Comments? On-Demand Staff

✔From Fast Company: We’ve been going about learning new skills all wrong: Here’s how to design leadership development in a way that will actually work Your thoughts? New Skills

✔From Forbes: Age Discrimination And Women In The Workplace: How To Avoid Getting Pushed Out Comments? Women-Age Discrimination

✔From Blue Zones:  Katie Couric Interview: Our Brains on Tech and the Power of Empathy in the Digital Age As A.I. emerges what about the “soft skills” such as empathy Comments?  Empathy

✔From  The Motley Fool: Are You One of the 28% of Workers Who Are Job-Hopping? How to Ace That Interview: If you’re gearing up for a new gig, follow these key interview tips to boost your chances of success Some good suggestions. Comments? Interview

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