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✔ From the Wall Street Journal:  Intel Faces Age-Discrimination Claims Comments? Intel

✔From Digiday:  GDPR mayhem: Programmatic ad buying plummets in Europe Does implementation of GDPR have an impact on your business? Comments? GDPR

✔From Fast Company:  Here’s what Starbucks employees will be learning about bias today Have you considered a similar training for your employees?  Comments? Starbucks

✔ Another point of view, from VOX: Companies like Starbucks love anti-bias training. But it doesn’t work — and may backfire: Diversity trainings are filled with good intentions and poor evidence. What do you think? Starbucks II

✔From the New York Times:  The Strange Failure of the Educated Elite  What do you think about the points raised in David Brook’s opinion article? Comments? Brook’s Opinion

✔From the Financial Times: How the tech industry is attracting more women: Removing macho jargon from job ads is one of the strategies that is producing results Good suggestions for improving any workplace. Comments?Tech & Women

✔From the BBC: Did The Hippies Have Nothing to Say? Comments? Hippies

✔From the BBC: Everybody Was Telling Me There Was Nothing Wrong: Women are more likely to wait longer for a health diagnosis and to be told it’s ‘all in their heads’. That can be lethal: diagnostic errors cause 40,000-80,000 deaths in the US alone  Has this happened to you? Someone close to you? Comments? Deadly Bias

 ✔From the BBC: The Huge Benefits of Working In Your Second Language Do you fully take advantage of the skills provided by your bilingual workers? Comments? Bilingual

✔ For those interested in the influence of literature on cultural development, from the BBC:  The Book of Songs: Poems That Helped Shape Chinese Thought Comments? nChinese Booik of Songs

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