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Good Tuesday morning.

The summer holiday season has started.

Welcome to today’s selection of articles.

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✔ From hrtechnologist.com: Tips for Uncovering Biases at the Workplace What has your experience been? Comments? Workplace Bias

✔From the BBC: The Greatest Tale Ever Told? Would this be your choice? If not which one(s)? See the list of 100 linked in the article. Greatest Story?

✔From Reuters: Civil rights advisers hope Starbucks’ anti-bias training sets example Comments? Starbucks

✔From JD Supra:  Employment at Will Quiz Take the quiz. How did you do? At-Will Quiz

✔From the BBC:  How One Hundred Years of Solitude Redefined Latin America Have you read the book? Comments? 100 Years of Solitude

✔Interested in Artificial Intelligence? Them you might be interested in this report from the UK: Artificial Intelligence Committee AI in the UK: ready, willing and able? Comments? AI Report

✔From the BBC: “Should You Trust You Gut Feelings?” What are your thoughts? Trust You Gut?

✔From the American Institute for Cancer Research: Diet, Nutrition, Physical Activity and Cancer: A Global Perspective For your health. Cancer Prevention Report

✔From JD Supra: Harassment And Transgender Regulations: Workplace Impact – BB&K Partner Joseph Ortiz Writes On Recent Regulations In Riverside Lawyer Magazine Have you reviewed your policies lately? Comments?  Harassment Policies Review

✔From PRI: Sweden’s new law on affirmative consent is hailed, but questions remain Comments? Consent

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