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✔ From the BBC: Why Spanish speakers in US are getting into trouble Comments? Spanish Speakers

✔ From the National Law Journal:  ABA ‘Furiously Working’ to Craft Proposal on Lawyers’ Mental Health  A long overdue undertaking by the ABA.  Comments? Mental Health-Lawyers

✔ From the BBC:  Pain Bias: The Health Inequality Rarely Discussed Has this happened to you? Someone close to you? Comments? Pain Bias

✔ From the Harvard Business Review: Why It’s So Hard to Speak Up Against a Toxic Culture The events at Nike demonstrate why it is so important to create a safe work environment which encourages employees to speak up and provide suggestions, opinions and concerns. Speak Up!

✔From Axios:  Why the U.S. Never Got Universal Health Care Interesting video on an important topic. Comments? Health Care

✔From the BBC: “We Don’t Need Nearly as Much Protein as We Consume” Comments?Protien

✔From Politico:  A survival guide to Europe’s new privacy rules Are you up to date? Comments? EU Privacy

✔From the PBS Newshour: Should high schools worry about what students do after graduation? This city says yes Comments? High School

✔From VOX: A major evangelical leader just lost his job. It’s a huge moment for #MeToo.:Paige Patterson was removed as Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary president after sexism controversy Comments? #MeToo

✔From Greater Good Magazine: How Putting Yourself in Someone Else’s Shoes May Backfire A good reminder for us all. Comments? Active Listening

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