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From Reuters: At Germany’s SAP, employee mindfulness leads to higher profits Mindfulness training for the workplace is described in this article as a powerful tool.  What are your thoughts? Mindfullness

From Reuters:  Breakingviews – Closing tech’s gender gap will take decades What’s been your experience?  Comments?  Tech. Gender Gap

From The New York Times:  The Open Secret of Anti-Mom Bias at Work Have you observed this form of basis? A symptom which indicates that the culture of the workplace, where this occur, need to be changed. Comments? Anti-Mom Bias

From ProPublica: Federal Watchdog Launches Investigation of Age Bias at IBM Comments? IBM

From the Pew Research Center: Growing share of Americans say Supreme Court should base its rulings on what Constitution means today What are your thoughts on this subject? Court Interpretations

From The New Food Economy:  If McDonald’s is serious about reducing its carbon footprint, it may need to rethink the hamburger What are your thoughts? Comments?Carbon Footprint

From the BBC:  Viewpoint: Why racism in US is worse than in Europe What is your view? Comments? Racism

From The National Organization on Disability:  Five Questions with Dr. Ronald Copeland of Kaiser Permanente on Addressing Mental Health in the Workplace Very informative. Comments? Workplace Mental Health

From the BBC: Can Art Change The World? What do you think? Comments? Art & Change

From Politico: Surge of female candidates reshapes Democratic Party: Women are leading the resistance into 2020. Comments? Women-Politics-2020

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