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From The New York Times: The Ancient Myth of ‘Good Fences’ Comments? Good Fences?

From JD Supra: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: New Awareness and Strategies to Address an Old Problem It is always a good time to review your business practices. This article provides some suggestions on “what to check.” Comments? Prevention

From UBER Newsroom: Turning the Lights On Changes made in how Uber treats sexual assault and harassment claims. Comments? UBER

From the BBC: How To Become An ‘elastic thinker and problem solver’ Comments?  Elastic Thinker

From Brookings: Longer, more optimistic lives: Historic optimism and life expectancy in the United States An optimistic life does have benefits. Comments? Optimism

From Racked: What Makes Retail Workers Uniquely Vulnerable to Sexual Harassment Does this information sound familiar? Comments? Sexual Harassment in Retail

From the Chronicle for Higher Education: Are You Sure You Want That Interim Job? This advice is not limited to an academic assignment. Have you worked in an “interim” position? What was your experience like? Comments? Interim

From Greater Good Magazine: How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself Comments? Self-Sabotage

From Perspective: Open vs. Closed Space Work Environments What are your thoughts?  Office Space

From PPRI: Emerging Consensus on LGBT Issues: Findings From the 2017 American Values Atlas Comments? LGBT

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