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From the BBC: Is There A Link Between Mass Shootings and Mental Illness? What are your thoughts on this topic? Comments? Mental Illness Link?

From VOX: Volcanoes are awe-inspiring. Here are 7 things to know about them. A good time to brush up on your geology lessons. Geology Lesson

From the World Bank Group: Women, Business and the Law Worth the time it takes to read this report. Comments? (Thank you Erin Mulvaney, Labor of Law)  Report

From the BBC: Why Our Facial Expressions Don’t Reflect Our Feelings Surprised by this statement? Read the article. Comments? Facial Expressions

From Politico: The social media ads Russia wanted Americans to see Let’s hope we all learned something from this experience. Comments?  Russian Ads

From CBS News: California Supreme Court Approves Ban On Attorney-Client Sex Comments? Sex

From The Daily Beast: Just as More Minorities Access Higher Education, Public Support Recedes A mix of good news and bad. Comments? Mixed News

From PBS News Hour: More Hispanics are going to college and graduating, but disparity persists Comments? Disparity Persists

From the BBC: The Food You Buy Really is Shrinking Surprised? I was not. Comments?Shrinking Food

From VOX: The new global plan to eliminate the most harmful fat in food, explained: The WHO wants to completely banish a food ingredient that causes 500,000 premature deaths worldwide each year Comments? Transfat Ban

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