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From USA Today: Before the next videotaped Starbucks disaster, everyone should take implicit bias training Good advice. Comments? Stategic Training

From Quartz at Work: What To Do When An Employee Reports Sexual HarassmentThe best option is to already have a effective plan in place. Reacting to a claim, without a plan, can make a serious situation even more complex. Comments?  Plan for Complaints

From the Chopra Center: Mindful Confrontation: 9 Steps to Handle Conflict in a Healthy Way Very good presentation. Comments. Mindful

From the BBC: The Secrets of the ‘high-potential’ Personality Comments? High Potential

From Business Insider: Trump is attempting to use an obscure tactic to cut $15 billion from programs — including children’s health insurance Thoughts?Please express your views on this important subject with your elected representatives. SNAP

From Fast Company: The Overlooked Benefit Gen X Workers Need Comments? Employee Benefit

 From Greater Good Magazine: Can Technology Help Remote Workers to Be Happier? Here’s how to minimize the disadvantages of working outside of an office.” Comments? Happy Tech

From Blue Zone: 12 Principles for Designing Healthy Communities Comments and discussion? Healthy Communities

From the Pew Research Center: Women scarce at top of U.S. business – and in the jobs that lead there Comments? Scarce Women

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