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From the New York Times: Nike’s C.E.O. Vows Changes After Claims of Workplace Harassment and Bias Excellent reporting. Comments? Why wait until after the fact to make the changes. Prevent or minimize your exposure by looking at your work environment by making the changes in advance? Contact me for a free initial consultation at your place of business. Changes in workplace

From the PBS Newshour: Opinion: End of the gig economy? Don’t read too much into a California court ruling What do you think? Gig

Ready to return to Mars?  From BBC: InSight: A look inside Mars Reflections on the new voyage? Mars

From the BBC: The shame felt by people who struggle to read and write” Know someone who experiences this?  See the resources available through your local library. Read

From the BBC: Our Fiction Addition: Why Humans Need Stories What’s your favorite story? Comments? What makes it so? Favorite Story

From the BBC: Feeling Litt? The Five Hotspots Driving English Forward Any words you would like to add to the list? Comments? Changes in language

From SimplyHired:  Mixing Business and Pleasure: 938 People Reveal Their Thoughts and Experiences with Interoffice Relationships How is this issue handled in your office? Comments? Workplace Affairs

From AP News: More Businesses Are Mellowing Out Over Hiring Pot Smokers Comments?Pot

From Reuters: Delayed calorie disclosure rule takes effect for U.S. food sellers How will this impact your business? Calorie Disclosures

From OZY: Why You Aren’t Getting Dates Now That You/re Vegan Comments?  Dating Vegans

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