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✔From the BBC: How Your Workplace is Killing You  Also see, Jeffrey Pfeiffer’s book, “Dying for a Paycheck”Comments? Dying at Work?

✔From the BBC: What Homer’s Illiad can tell us about worship and war. Have you read the Illiad?  Comments on the article? Illiad

✔From the BBC: How Prison Changes People What are your thoughts? Prison

✔From Reuters: Tomorrow’s jobs require impressing a bot with quick thinking The future of job hunting? What are your thoughts?  Future Job Search

✔From Lawfare: What Can We Say About Mueller’s 49 Questions? Comments?Who do you think leaked the questions?  49 Questions

✔From The Guardian: Never felt more like singing the blues: Gibson guitar firm files for bankruptcy The end of an era. Comments? Gibson

✔From Reuters: Teachers’ Spring’ forcing lawmakers to find money for schools I believe that we should be honoring our teachers and not treating them like second class citizens or taking them for granted. What are your thoughts? Teacher’s Pay

✔From the BBC: Xiongxiong the loyal dog charms Chinese social media Comments? Good Dog

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