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From PPRI and The Atlantic: Beyond Economics: Fears of Cultural Displacement Pushed the White Working Class to Trump | PRRI/The Atlantic Report What are your thoughts?Fears

From Forbes: Five Lessons From A Bad Boss Any of this sound familiar to you? Bad Boss

From Axios: The next great workplace challenge: 100-year careers How does this look of the future look to you? Comments? 100 Year Careers?

From Quartz at Work: Why even inoffensive jokes by the boss can be problematic Comments? Bad Jokes

✔ From NPR: A Lesson In How To Overcome Implicit Bias What are your “takeaways” from the Starbuck’s incident? Implicit Bias

From the New York Times: You never see that point of view in mainstream press. What do you think is missing from the mainstream press? Mainstream Press

From the Washington Post: “Federal judge: Trump administration must accept new DACA applications”Comments? DACA

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