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Good Tuesday morning.

Welcome to today’s selection of articles.

Worried about Cambridge Analytica and Facebook? Get ready for this story from Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Palantir Knows Everything About You Comments? Privacy?

Earth Day 🌎  From Vox: 7 things we’ve learned about Earth since the last Earth Day Our understanding of Earth — and how we’re changing it — just keeps expanding.  Earth Day

From Propublic: Cutting ‘Old Heads’ at IBM Comments? Cuts

Job hunting? Take a look into the future. From the BBC: Your next job interview could be with a computer program: Tech experts suggest that job-searching will be more automated in the future, but will it be any more trustworthy than old-school human-driven hiring? Comments?  Future Job Search

Once upon a time… From the BBC: How Stories Have Shaped the World What’s your favorite story? Stories

For artists and art lovers. From the BBC: The Words That Change What Colours We See  Comments? Colours

Improve your typing speed?  From the BBC: One Skill to make you Type a Lot Faster Do you already practice this technique? Typing Speed

An opinion on a timely subject. From Lawfare: James Comey’s Honest Loyalty: Leadership Ethics and the Role of Process What are your thoughts? Comey & Process

A timely commentary from the Marshall Project: “Fear of a Black Patron” Comments?Patron Fear

From the BBC: Environment prize goes to Flint water activist Congratulations Flint

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