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From the Pew Research Center: Sexual Harassment at Work in the Era of #MeToo Many see new difficulties for men in workplace interactions and little effect on women’s career opportunities nSexual Harassment Survey



From Just Security: Are Children Safe on Facebook? 12 Questions Congress Should Ask Zuckerberg What are your thoughts? Facebook

 From VOX: The Emerging Plan to Save the American Labor Movement Comments? Labor Movement

 From the BBC: The Tiny Ways Prejudice Seeps into the Workplace Comments? Micro-Agression

 From the Washington Post: Men are concerned about what #MeToo is doing to men at work Thoughts? Men & #MeToo


From the BBC: Could you be a workaholic, addicted to your job? Comments?  Workaholic?

From Jackson|Lewis: What Am I Doing Wrong? Common FMLA Mistakes”Comments?FMLA?

From AP: Women file to run for US House seats in record numbers 2018 Election

From Inc.: How Can You Tell Someone Is Truly a Bad Boss? Look for 1 Sign That Makes Most Employees Cringe What’s your opinion? Experience with a “toxic boss?” Bad Boss?

From the Daily Beast: ‘Implicit Bias’ Is Very Real and It Infects Every One of Us Comments? Bias?

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