Employment Law Consultant’s Blog (03-29-18)


Today’s collection of articles covers items ranging from Uber to Facebook.

I hope you find the information helpful.

As always, I am interested in your comments and suggestions (about the Blog and topics you would like to see me cover).

From the New York Times, New Leadership Has Not Changed Uber Uber

From the New York Times, Is This Dog Actually Happy Happy Dogs?

From the Harvard Business Review, If You Fire Someone for Sexual Harassment, What Do You Say If You’re Called for a Reference?  References

From AP News, Online Ads from unlicensed shops roil California market  Cannabis

From The Outline, Your Boss Is Working You To Death Work to Death

From PBS, Who Will Care for You When Your Old and Frail? You Should Plan Now. Elder Care

✔From the New York Times, #MeToo Called for an Overhaul. Are Workplaces Really Changing?” What do you think? Changes? 

 ✔ From  Poynter, April 2 Marks the Second Annual International Fact-Checking Day Fact Checking

✔From Newswhip, How to Navigate The Changes on Facebook and Social Media in 2018 (Report)  Report

I’ll return next Tuesday.

Thank you,

Fred Engbarth



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