Employment Law Consultant’s Blog (03-27-18)


Today’s Blog is a mix of articles covering a range of topics.

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 From the Washington Post, This professor says the workplace is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. Professor

 From, California Workplace Blog (Jackson|Lewis) Southern District Court of California Affirms that Employees Are Not Entitled to Multi-Month, Indefinite Medical Leaves of Absences ADA

 From, Grub Street: The Last Conversation You’ll Ever Need to Have About Eating Right Last Conversation

From PRRI: One Nation Divided, Under Trump: Findings from the 2017American Values Survey  Values

 From the PBSNewshour: Great Pacific Garbage Patch weights more than 43,000 cars and is much larger than we thought Garbage

From the Washington Post: Andrew McCabe: Not in my worst nightmares did I dream my career in the FBI would end this way McCabe

From the National Institute on Aging: Seeking your ideas for ways to enhance recruitment and retention of Alzheimer’s disease study participants Ideas

 From mbghealth: Is Cutting Carbs Bad For Your Brain? A Neuroscientist Explains Carbs

 From the BBC: Can you predict if you will be happy? Happy?

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