Employment Law Consultant’s Blog (03-15-18)


The workweek is almost at an end.

What follow is a selection of articles on aspects of employment law spotted since Tuesday.

Hope they are of interest to you.

Let me know if you have a topic area of interest, I can watch for and p[ublish article alligned with your interests.

FromProPublica, Measuring the Toll of the Opioid Epidemic Is Tougher Than It Seems   Opiod How is this crisis affewcting your workplace?
From TheNation, Millennials Are Keeping Unions Alive Unions
 The Job Accommodation Network is an excellent resource for your ADA/Job Accommodation questions. Here is  an example, Accommodation and Compliance Series: Job Descriptions JAN  What are “essential functions” ? The article answers that question and more. The JAN website is worth a browse.
 From Brookings, Is Automation Labor-Displacing? Productivity Growth,  Employment and the Labor Share (link to the Abstract which contains a link to the full report) Automation-Labor  What is the future of labor? Thoughts?
From TheGuardian, The Better Way To Support Rape Victims: Put Their Needs First What are your thoughts? Rape  Restorative Justice? After reading the article do you think is is a process applicalbe to work through cases of domestic violence? Abuse? Harassment?
From the Washington Post, Federal judge in D.C. weighs ordering administration to restart ‘dreamers’ program DACA
A Blog site worth viewing, The Friction Project The Friction Project
 From the New York Post, How to survive an active shooter situation in the workplace, Shooter A grim comment on the times we live in. What efforts have been taken in your weorkplace?
As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions.
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